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     Planning Group Road Trip Tips

Organizing Is Everything

Organizing Is Everything

During the year, you have to be the one to plan outings for your group. In this list for PLANNING GROUP ROAD TRIP TIPS, ideas are listed for your convenience to help you save time, money, and have fun while you are on the road.  Have you ever traveled to a place and wished that you thought of bringing an item, or wishing a certain task had been done. What happens? You put that on the “maybe next time” list. Or, you just never signup again to be in charge.

Your have something to be excited about!

Most don’t realize that visitors through the Appalachian Region covers 13 states, and over 400 counties that dot the region. Yes, in the small towns of America, travelers come through your town to see the back roads where you live. Better than 25 million will take their time to explore the region each year.

Living in one of the most historic regions of the nation, we offer all the sites and sounds that larger tourist traps do. Then, the unique appeal our small towns offer make us a must stop along the way. Being in the foothills, cool field trips, outdoor adventure, museums, farms, and locally made treasures can be discovered.

     NO! You don’t have to hide.    


                                                                     You can plan some really cool stuff for kids of all ages with some simple planning. Agro-tourism is big business in the region. You can pick it, attend some really cool events, milk a cow, pet some goats, and even take pictures of some award winning Arabian Horses. Reserve some time to stay on the farm, plan a retreat, or attend a retreat at an old dairy farm that is picturesque of one like it across the world in France.Have a cup of cider, hot or cold. The main point is, the list is not endless with your options.  Who said you had to travel to Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham, or some other big city for the same kind of ingredients that ROAD TRIPS are suppose to have.

……………that is why has been created.


… Nor is it a responsibility to be taken lightly.


If they are small children, they represent someone precious cargo. Transporting them from one place to another is very important. Just because someone is an adult, does not make them qualified to assist  with taking care of the kids.   Where are the best places to plan for senior adults? How far do you want to travel? Is it for more than one night on a church youth retreat? What about cost? Will the restaurant hold the entire group?

There are so many factors in planning the perfect outing for groups of all sizes. The options are almost endless, and the list of questions are probably just as long. In the coming year, we will be researching answers to these questions that you probably want to know. Sometime, its nice to have something different. However, traditions are good to share. We want to know about them as well. Feel free to connect with us. We want this to be a place to share and brainstorm ideas for those who plan outings in the region.  Sign up for our newsletter, so we can keep in touch.





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